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Calmbirth® gave us the tools to go into the birth with a positive, rather than fearful attitude, especially around the issue of pain in childbirth.
The training for calm breathing allowed me to focus on the breath, to "ride" the intensity of the contractions rather than be overwhelmed by them. - this really worked for me.
We believe that Calmbirth® can help to make the arrival of a newborn into the world more easy, relaxed and joyful.
We'd absolutely recommend new parents to do the course.
1st time mother, Auckland

Instinctively Calmbirth® is right. The simple logic of it all and knowing that the baby and the mother work together. If you think that it seems wishy-washy, just try it because it really works. A lot of people put all their faith into the medical profession and not themselves. If you trust in yourself and in your body and prepare well you will be able to have a good experience, whatever happens.
1st time father, Auckland

I loved Vida's enthusiasm and passion for the techniques and empowering parents to embrace the teachings and their own learning.
1st time parents, A&U, Wellington

We feel energised and positive about the birthing process thanks to the knowledge and skills we learned in the Calmbirth® classes.
1st time parents, R&A, Wellington

We both cannot thank you enough for what we got out of the classes with you. Still practicing the skills and breathing to cope with the rellies!
1st time parents, N&N, Wellington