faq | Calmbirth®


Who can attend?
Calmbirth® classes are for all women who want a calm joyful birth, and their partners, or birthing companions, regardless of Lead Maternity Carer, number of children, or place of birth.
When Should I attend the Calmbirth® classes?
The best time to attend the classes is between 24-34 weeks gestation. If you are overly anxious about the birth and what to expect it is recommended to attend the classes as early as possible.
To avoid disappointment, make sure you book your class as soon as possible as classes do get booked out. Please contact individual practitioners though to find out more about classes, cancellations can happen and places open up.
When are your Calmbirth® classes held?
Calmbirth® classes are held over 2-3 days (consecutively or separately) or over 5 evenings.
Where are the Calmbirth® classes held?
The general area where the class is to be held is shown on the calendar, however for the exact location please contact the individual practitioner.
What is the cost of your Calmbirth® classes?
Calmbirth® classes are not publicly funded therefore there is a charge. Please check with the individual practitioner. However, we wish to be inclusive of all women who want to attend so please discuss payment options with us.
Do we receive support after we attend the Calmbirth® classes?
Can I still do the Calmbirth® Programme if I don’t have a partner?
YES, as it is not essential to have a partner to do the Calmbirth® class. However, the Calmbirth® programme supports woman to have a birthing companion, this could be a close friend or mother, to assist you through the birthing process if you so choose.
Why do I have to bring my partner/birthing companion?
Many woman find it very beneficial to have a close support person to assist them through the birthing process. The Calmbirth® programme offers the support person clear skills and ways in which they can most effectively support the birthing women. This is an incredible opportunity for a deepening connection between a women, her baby and her companion.
Do I receive any materials at the class?
Each couple receives a class booklet outlining the class content and audio USB which you take home to use during your relaxation practice.
What do I need to bring to the classes?
Bring yourself, your birthing companion and of course an open mind! Please wear comfortable clothing so you can really relax. Feel free to bring your favourite blanket, cushions, pillow or bean bag.
Snacks are provided at break time, but feel free to bring anything extra you may need.
How do I book for Calmbirth® classes?
Check the class calendar and contact the practitioner
Are the classes only for women having their first babies?
No. Women who have already experienced birth find taking Calmbirth® classes allows them to approach a subsequent pregnancy and baby with renewed confidence and a fresh approach.